Tuesday, August 25, 2009



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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Thumbaleena's Pups

Here are updated pictures from June 23 of puppies from a match between my beautiful female Thumbaleena and golden stud Copper.

The golden female is absolutely beautiful and is charting to be 5 pounds when grown. Her brother is a striking parti and she may also carry for parti. With the handsome golden Copper for a father, she would be an outstanding addition to a breeding program.

See the traditional male (in wagon, below) that is being offered for $1,000. He may be 6 pounds when grown.

The parti male and traditional female are not for sale and will be entered into the Chandler Run breeding group.

Golden female: $2,000

Small golden male (sold)

Parti male

(not for sale)

Traditional female (not for sale)

Traditional male, carries for golden: $1,000

Here are earlier pictures of Thumbaleena with her coloroful litter of puppies, and a photo of Thumbaleena and Cooper. What an outstanding match this was!

Friday, May 29, 2009

................Jezebel and Copper Pups................

Here are the outstanding puppies that were born to Jezebel and Copper on May 16. It's going to be so rewarding watching them develop and realize their potential.

Golden male: $1500
Golden female: $2000
Two traditional females (carry for golden): $1200 each.

Upcoming July Puppies

The top two pictures are of light golden Foxy, who belongs to my friend, Kay. Foxy has been bred to my golden stud Copper (bottom picture), and their litter is due July 3. We are sharing the excitement, and can't wait to see the beautiful puppies this combination is sure to produce. Prepare for fireworks!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Traditional Male, Carries for Golden!

This adorable traditional male on the left was born March 2 to Trinket and Percy and is a strong carrier for golden. The female is sold. (Scroll down for photographs of parents).

Email me for more information.


Trinket and Percy

Here are the proud parents of my beautiful March puppies!
Trinket and Percy were paired to produce golden or blonde puppies with tiny faces and gorgeous silky coats, or puppies that are strong carriers for golden. I am very excited to see how healthy and pretty their puppies are (above).


AKC-registered w/DNA
5.6 lb
Light golden


AKC-reg. w/DNA
4 lb.
Light golden